Tara Gliesbie is totlly Gottik

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"Tara Gliesbie is totlly Gottik"[1] is a petition My Immortal's author submitted to the Internet petition service PetitionOnline some time on or before November 11, 2005. The petition is interesting as one of the few surviving records of the Tara Gilesbie character written before My Immortal was published. The byline reads "Tara Gliesnie (gofikchick@hotmail.com)"; this is the only confirmed email associated with My Immortal's author.


To: prepz posrs n jealous ppl a lot of ppl have been dissin; me, Tata Gilesbie on da Stop Ashley Simpson petition coz dey don'y believe dat I'm gothik but I lizzen 2 Evenesense, Good Chralotte, Blink-821, gren day and Arvil Levinge. Plus I shop at Hot topik and i wer lotz of blak plus my ex is a punk and one of my frenz has 3 earrinz. Plus, here is further prrof dat im not a prep r a poser: http://quizilla.com/users/GothicVampireLust/quizzes/What%20label%20are%20you%3F!%3F!/

I took dis test and it sed dat my laybel was goffik. 9dat menz gohtik in kayz ur a nerd or somthin)

Dis petition is 2 prove 2 alll da preps and psrs dat wer mean 2 me dat i really am gottik and dat they're just jeloz dat dey never well b. I need ever punk and goth in da wrld 2 sign dis.


(Geddit, fangs! coz im a goth)