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May 2005[edit]

September 2005[edit]

  • September 26: The bloodytearz666 account is created on FanFiction.Net. It posts a review of the Lioness Black fanfic Guys, Girls, Nowhere: "OMG im lik totlly loovin it! go coz u rox we even have da same name!"[2]

November 2005[edit]

  • November 11: "Tara Gliesbie is totlly Gottik" is submitted to PetitionOnline by this date.[3]


February 2006[edit]

  • February 6: Heartdreamer first encounters the Goffikgurl IMDB account in a thread on the My Chemical romance subforum called "Gerard Way: Ugly".[4]
  • February 16: bloodytearz666 publishes the first chapter of I'm Not Okay.[5]
  • February 23: bloodytearz666 posts two reviews, one for Render Me Redemption by slytherinjane15 ("i love it!")[6] and the other for WithOut You by Cranky-puss ("i luv it! update! BTX plz r&r ma story").[7]
  • February 28/March 1: The XXXbloodyrists666XXX account is created on Fanfiction.Net.[8]

March 2006[edit]

  • March 3: XXXbloodyrists666XXX uploads the first chapter of My Immortal.[9]

April 2006[edit]