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xxxbloodyrists666xxx was a Quizilla account created by My Immortal's author, a small part of the larger Tara Gilesbie persona. The only quiz on the account, "R u a goth", was linked in the bio of the FanFiction.NET account of the same name. The account was created on March 31, 2006.[1]


Im Tara. Im a goth n a vampire. u prolly don beleev but FUK U den. fangz 2 raven 4 helpin me with muh quizzes!!! u rok gurl. hair: blak duh i dyd it did u fijnk i wuz a prep or wut eyez: red clik: goffik duh if ur a prep den get da fuk ouit!!!!!!!!!!!! likz: gothz, blod, soicid n odder stuff. dislikz: prepz, posrs, pink, britney spers. fav muzicl mcr, gc, evanescence, him, linin park, slipnot, marlin manson blink 182. if u dont no who dey r den get out!!!!!!![2]